What is it?

The eBay Data Import Tool, known as eDIT, is an automated tool used by ChannelAdvisor employees that can be used for two main purposes:

  1. Import product data from your eBay listings
  2. Sync to your current eBay open listings in order to maintain sales history

The eDIT tool was designed to make the process of getting started on eBay with ChannelAdvisor faster and easier, and to provide the ability for ChannelAdvisor to sync to your existing listings in order to maintain their sales history.

The eDIT tool is designed to work for Good Till Cancel (GTC) listings at eBay. Maintaining sales history is one of the key functions of the tool, so using it to sync with Auction or other types of listings is not typically recommended.


Pre-import audit

In order to help prevent data import or syncing issues, ChannelAdvisor requires a preview of all active eBay listings before running the eDIT tool. The File Exchange export file will also be used as a reference when you go live to cross-check the imported data with eBay. Instructions for downloading the File Exchange file can be found here .


SKU considerations

The Data Integration Team will do an audit of your File Exchange file to determine if using the eDIT tool is feasible and if any data changes need to be made within eBay prior to importing or syncing. When we audit this file we can see things like duplicate SKU values (known as Custom Labels in eBay). In ChannelAdvisor a unique SKU is required for each product.

If you are listing these same products on Amazon, the SKU value that we import needs to match your Amazon SKU. It is difficult to change SKU values within Amazon, so it is always recommended to change your Custom Label values at eBay to match your Amazon SKU values prior to running the eDIT tool.



How do I arrange to run the eDIT tool?
Contact our Sales team or your ChannelAdvisor contact to discuss the scoping and costs of running the eDIT tool.  

Why do I need to provide an eBay File Exchange export before my data is imported?
In order to help to prevent data import issues, ChannelAdvisor requires a preview of all active eBay listings before your data import. The File Exchange export document will also be used as a reference when the customer goes live to cross-match the imported data with eBay. So you shouldn’t make any changes to your listings after sending your exported file to ChannelAdvisor. If you do, you need to provide a new updated export file.

I don’t have SKUs on my eBay listings. Is this necessary even if ChannelAdvisor imports my data?
The ChannelAdvisor platform requires a unique SKU. If you don’t have SKUs on eBay added as a custom label, these will be automatically generated when we run the eBay import tool. However, if you want to manage other Marketplaces such as Amazon and wish to share inventory with eBay, the SKUs must match between them. You can change the Custom Label value at eBay prior to import, or the SKU values can be changed in ChannelAdvisor post-import.

What happens if I have duplicated SKUs (custom labels) or duplicated listings on eBay?
Having duplicated SKUs or listings on eBay compromises the way the data gets imported and will cause listings to be ignored or mixed between them. You should always review the data on eBay and change any duplicates before we run the import.

Are there any SKU-length or character limits?
A good rule of thumb is keeping your SKU length under 25 character for multi-channel compatibility and avoiding any special characters such as non-alpha numeric characters, spaces, quotes, slashes, stars, etc..

How will my images be hosted?
The eBay Import tool will import your images and host them in ChannelAdvisor. It uses default image placements (eg. ITEMIMAGEURL1), so if you have different image placements created on ChannelAdvisor, they won’t be populated. There’s also a 5GB limit for images.

Will ChannelAdvisor import my Auction listings too?
If you want to import data from your Auction listings, we will need to get a list of the Auction SKUs or eBay item IDs and run the import tool separately for them. We do not sync live Auction listings into ChannelAdvisor, as there is no relevant sales history to maintain with Auction listings and therefore no benefit. Auction listings can simply run out as they typically do (or be manually ended), and then be posted to eBay as fresh listings from ChannelAdvisor.

Can I import listings of items that are not “New”?
Any item conditions that are not New, Used, or Refurbished will come in with blank values in the Condition attribute when using the import tool. This condition data can usually be retrieved directly from the File Exchange file.

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