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Printable Cheat Sheet - Template Mapping Field Types

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What You'll Need

  • Inventory Data

  • Templates



What is a Template?

Templates in ChannelAdvisor define what product data gets sent to a channel or marketplace.

Where are Templates Used?

  • Custom Inventory Uploads
  • ChannelAdvisor Marketplaces
  • Digital Marketing Campaigns


The 4 Ways to Map a Field




Text Fields: What You See is What You Get

The Text type allows you to assign a static value to a field.

For example, if all you sell are brand-new products, then you can use the Text option to specify " New " in the Condition field once and it will apply to all SKUs using that template.

Example of a Text Field Mapping


Inventory Fields: Use Existing Data As-Is

If a piece of data differs from one product to the next but fits your intended channel's requirements, use the Field type in your template. Match it to the attribute that contains the appropriate information.

Useful for fields like UPC and Description.


Lookup List Fields: Substitute Values

Using a Lookup List in a template compares the info in one column of a list with the value provided in a selected inventory attribute -- it's great for repurposing data originally used for one channel that aligns with another, such as Category.

One channel may use "Toys" while another may require "Toys & Games." Lookup Lists help avoid unnecessary extra data entry.

Lookup List Mapping   Mapping Lookup List

Business Rule Fields:  Transform Information

Similar in concept to formulas in Excel, Business Rules allow you to manipulate data in lots of different ways, including combining and formatting text, if/then logic, and math calculations.

Business rules give you the most flexibility and adaptability in how your data is sent to channels.




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