Refunding an eBay Order


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What You'll Need

  • Was the refund buyer initiated from eBay Return Center? If so, please follow this process here to learn about the Buyer Initiated Returns flow to follow in ChannelAdvisor.

  • Details of the Order (Order number, Buyer name, Refund reason)

  • Communication with your buyer, for example emails where the buyer expressed his wish for a refund plus the reason, if the refund is not buyer initiated from eBay Return Center.

  • Permission for ChannelAdvisor to process your PayPal Refunds, if the refund is not buyer initiated at eBay Return Center.

  • Please note: For refunds that do not have a buyer initiated request in eBay’s Return Center, only Paypal orders can be refunded through ChannelAdvisor. All other payment method refunds must be processed outside of ChannelAdvisor. Once the non-Paypal order is refunded, the refund can be logged manually in ChannelAdvisor by clicking Refund and choosing the Do not notify marketplace of refund option (see step 6 below).




Process Buyer Initiated Refund Requests

ChannelAdvisor is now fully integrated with eBay’s Return Center. When there is a buyer initiated return request from eBay Return Center, ChannelAdvisor will now apply the refund directly to the return request for that order to eBay. To learn more about this process and steps to follow in ChannelAdvisor, please go to the Buyer Initiated Returns page.

eBay Return Creation information for each order will display in the Public Notes of the order, for your reference.

Using the returns center let’s eBay know that it was a return, so there is no need to open a dispute to prevent the incorrectly calculated seller order defect within eBay. When returns center is used, an eBay dispute is not necessary, and is not even allowed since the transaction has already been reversed and the buyer credited. eBay knows that it was a return rather than a "seller out of stock".

To learn more about eBay Return Center, and when and how return requests are auto-approved, please visit the eBay Returns Page.


Process Seller Initiated Refunds

For any refunds you wish to make, that do not have a buyer initiated return request from eBay Return Center, please follow these steps. Please note that we will process the refund directly to PayPal, as currently the eBay API does noter support refunds to orders that do not have a buyer initiated return request:

1. Go to Sales > Orders/Transactions > Orders.


2. Search for the order using a condition in the Add Search Field dropdown, or use the Search Order ID... field to search by order ID.

  • Click on Apply Changes to run the search.
  • If you locate the order within the grid click on the Site Order ID or ChannelAdvisor Order ID links to get into the Order Details page.


3. Click the Refund button on the Order Details view.

Please note: If the shipping status of an order is set to "Unshipped" you will also see the Cancel Order button. See the Cancelling an eBay Order Express Guide for more information on cancelling an order.


4. Choose the Refund Type (Entire Order or Items) in the Refund dialog box.

  • Entire Order: The Order Total amount will be displayed along with an editable Refund amount field .
  • Items: You’ll see a Line Items section displaying all line items of your order.



5. Choose the appropriate Refund Reason from the dropdown menu.



6. In the Order Handling section choose:

  • Restock quantity within ChannelAdvisor to add returned quantity back to ChannelAdvisor. You would only mark this if the item has been returned to you from the buyer. If the item got lost or broken you wouldn’t mark that option.
  • Select the Do not notify marketplace of refund option if a refund was necessary outside of ChannelAdvisor. This scenario should only apply if the order was a non-Paypal payment method order.


7. If you've chosen Entire Order as the Refund Type you can either:

  • Change the value in the Refund Amount field if you want to give the buyer a specific discount or credit.
  • Leave the Refund Amount as is and refund the complete order.


8. If you want to refund specific line items edit the section Line Items (visible when you picked Items as Refund Type).

  • Mark the checkbox in front of the line items you want to refund.
  • Adjust the Quantity dropdown if you only need to refund partial line items.
  • The Refund Amount will be adjusted appropriately.
  • Example: You sold 3 pieces of the same product. The buyer returns 1 of them. You choose 1 from the Quantity dropdown.



9. Click Refund to save, or Close to exit without saving any changes.


10. The Order History section will update with information on the Refund accordingly.

  • Whatever you've chosen in the dialog box will be reflected in the Order History:
    • If you have chosen to notify the marketplace (you haven't checked Do not notify the marketplace of refund ) the Refund is in a Pending status while we communicate with eBay in the backend.

    • If you've chosen not to notify the marketplace the Refund will be processed immediately and a note will be displayed in the Details column.

    • If the order was paid via PayPal and the balance in your account is too low to refund this will result in a Failed Refund.

    • If the Paypal account has not been properly configured to allow refunds through the API, then the refund will fail and Paypal will return an authorization error. Please see link "Permission for ChannelAdvisor to process your Paypal Refunds" under the "What You'll Need" section at the beginning of this article.


11. The Order Status column in the All Orders view will display the appropriate status for your order, too:

  • If the cancellation was successful the Refunds icon will be green. Hover your mouse over it to see if you cancelled the whole order or only a line item.
  • If the cancellation failed the Refunds icon will be red.



Please note: If the screenshots given appear differently than what you are seeing on your Orders page, you may be using the older Orders view. If you would like to switch over to the new Orders view, please select the Switch to New Page link in the top right-hand corner. If you would prefer to stay with the older Orders view, please consult our eBay Order Cancellation Best Practices page.



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