Refunding an Amazon Order



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What You'll Need

  • Details of the Order (Order number, Refund reason)

  • Communication with your buyer, for example emails where the buyer expressed his wish for a refund plus the reason




A refund is necessary in two scenarios – a buyer has returned an order or parts of an order to you and wants his money back. Or the buyer keeps an item but you grant a price reduction or similar.


1. Go to Sales > Orders/Transactions > Orders.


2. Search for the order you want to refund by Site Order ID or ChannelAdvisor Order ID .

  • Click on Apply Changes to run the search.
  • If you locate the order within the grid click on the Site Order ID or ChannelAdvisor Order ID links to get into the Order Details page.


3. Click the Refund button on the Order Details view.


3a. The Refund dialog box will open where you enter all relevant details.


4. Choose the appropriate Refund Reason from the dropdown menu.

  • The options will be the same no matter if the order is FBA or not.


5. In the Order Handling section choose:

  • Restock quantity within ChannelAdvisor to add returned quantity back to ChannelAdvisor. You would only mark this if the item has been returned to you from the buyer. If the item got lost or broken you wouldn’t mark that option. The quantity on Amazon will be updated the next time ChannelAdvisor syncs.
  • Do not notify marketplace of refund only if you have already issued the refund directly within Amazon Seller Central (not recommended).


6. Edit the Line Items section:

  • Select the check box next to the product(s) you would like to issue refunds for.
  • Adjust the Quantity dropdown if a buyer bought more than 1 piece of a product and you only need to refund the partial line item. The Refund Amount will be adjusted appropriately.
  • If you need to adjust the amount of money being returned (such as if you are charging a restocking fee), you can manually adjust the amount and tax fields. Verify the Refund Amount field contains the exact dollar amount to be refunded to the customer.


7. Click Submit Refund to save, or Close to exit without saving any changes.


8. The Order History section will update with information on the Refund accordingly.

  • Whatever you've chosen in the dialog box will be reflected in the Order History:
    • If you have chosen to notify the marketplace (you haven't checked Do not notify the marketplace of refund ) the Refund is in a Pending status while we communicate with Amazon in the backend.

    • If you've chosen not to notify the marketplace the refund will be processed immediately. The status will also change later on from Pending into Sucessful if Amazon acknowledges the refund.

    • If the refund failed you'll see a red message with more info in the Details column. In our sample Externally Processed means you have designated in your Amazon Order Fulfillment settings in ChannelAdvisor that you have a direct or third party integration and will send shipment, cancellation and refund notifications to Amazon outside of ChannelAdvisor. Thus we don't process your refund.


9. The Order Status column in the All Orders view will display the appropriate status for your order, too:

  • If the refund was successful the Refunds icon will be green.
  • If the refund failed the Refunds icon will be red.




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