Webstore Amplifier Launch Services

Intended for the aggressive self-starter, our Launch Assistance Service gives you access to a set number of scheduled calls with a Launch Manager and access to email support as you get on your feet. A paid service offered by the ChannelAdvisor Launch Team we offer these services:

  • Quick access for the savvy e-commerce marketer who wants to dive in.
  • Pre-arranged scheduled calls for peace of mind. The schedule is below.
  • A dedicated email box for questions regarding your launch.
  • A limited number of phone-based training and assistance calls to help you launch quickly and easily.
  • Access to the wealth of information on the Strategy and Support Center.

To purchase this service contact Sales for more information.


Using the "Webstore Amplifier Launch Assistance Service"?

If you are using the Webstore Amplifier Launch Assistance Service, please use this time table as a project guide.

Please Note:

The time lines provided below are simply targets to help you keep your project moving forward in sequential, manageable tasks. As the seller, you can move faster or slower than the recommendations for any of your responsibilities and ultimately determine the speed that your implementation proceeds with based on your ability to complete tasks.

Regarding the look and feel of your storefront, you can either work with a designer of your choice or pick one of the pre-made templates. If you've decided for an external designer, the complexity of your design as well as the company you have chosen to partner with will have a direct impact on the timelines outlined below. You will want to be certain that you and your designer are working closely together throughout the process in order to avoid any delays in the launch of your store.


Step Seller Task   ChannelAdvisor Task         Details Targeted Timeline
TASK   - Review Webstore Amplifier Launch Process Review the Getting Started Guide of your chosen Webstore Amplifier (Shopify, Bigcommerce) for an understanding of the steps required when launching the Webstore Amplifier.Week 0
CALL   - Kick-Off CallUpon purchase of the Webstore Amplifier Launch Assistance Service, you will meet with your Launch Manager to review the timeline and responsibilities of your launch.Week 1
TASK   - Settle on a design You will need to decide wether you will use a pre-made theme available in the storefront or let a designer create an individual theme.  

Refer to Step 1 of the Getting Started Guide
 Week 1
TASK   - Inventory Add additional inventory information that is required for launching the Webstore Amplifier and notify your Launch Manager when this task is completed. Your Launch Manager will use this information to complete the steps of the setup guide.  

Refer to Step 2 of the Getting Started Guide
Week 1-2 
CALL   - Inventory Questions & Template MappingYour Launch Manager will review inventory questions with you and will map the template fields.Week 2
TASK   - Activate Amplifier Feed     Assign the label of the desired Webstore Amplifier to your inventory and activate the integration.

Refer to Step 5 of the Getting Started Guide
Week 3-4
CALL    - Error Resolution Meet with your Launch Manager to review errors and discuss how to resolve them.  

Refer to Step 6 of the Getting Started Guide
Week 4-5
TASK    - Review Order Testing and Launch Steps Go over the results of order testing and review final steps needed to launch.Week 4-5
TASK   - Complete Test Order Complete a test order to ensure that all settings are correct.

Refer to Step 7 of the Getting Started Guide
 Week 5-6
MILESTONE   - Transition

Optional final call to go over any last questions and to review support options. 

Week 6


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