SSC Suggestion: Live Chat

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I have lost count the amount of times I have logged into the SSC, gone to do a live chat and gone through setting up a chat, only for when I hit 'Chat Now' after the suggested answers, for it to say 'Chat is not available, please open up a ticket'.

At which point I have to re-enter all the same information to open up a ticket.

If chat isn't available. can you just hide the option in the first place?

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Alexandra Zelmat
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RE: SSC Suggestion: Live Chat


Thanks for the suggestion.  Unfortunately, that code link doesn't have any options to display based on the time of day it's available. We do post the live chat hours just below the link to enter live chat.  We also post any closure notices in the same area if there are any reasons live chat will not be available at the normal times. 


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Ali Zelmat

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Colton Wiles - 30600
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RE: SSC Suggestion: Live Chat

I didnt even know there was a live chat option, where do I find that?